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Due to the spread of the Corona virus, we have collected relevant information on this site.

We follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish Sports Association and the Swedish Karate Association.

Med anledning av Coronaviruset som sprids har vi samlat information på den här sidan.

Vi följer rekommendationer ifrån Folkhälsomyndigheten, Riksidrottsförbundet och Svenska karateförbundet.

Samurai dojo's recommendations

When returning from trips from risk areas or where you may have been in contact with people from risk areas, we recommend that you wait with training at the dojo for about two weeks.



We can all help reduce risks and keep the dojo clean by:

  • Careful hand washing with soap and water before training. We will also provide hand desinfection in the dojo.

  • Always wash rags at 90 Celcius. We will add disinfectants in washing buckets before training. (Vircon)

  • Always use a clean-washed suit.

  • Feel free to wash your feet before exercising.


We remind you not only to wash the dojo floor, but also to wash the changing rooms and showers, toilet, all handles and moldings around the club.

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