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1941 - 2019

Shingo Ohgami (8-Dan Wadokai) was the founder and chief instructor of Swedish Karatedo Wadokai. He was also the founder and chief instructor of Karateklubb Samurai-dojo in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Shingo Ohgami was born in Japan 1941 where he trained Karate at Tokyo University Karate Club 1960-1965 under the founder of Wadoruy Karate Hironori Ohtsuka. 1969 he came to Sweden as a guest researcher in chemistry, but quitted chemistry in 1972 was until his death 2019 totally engaged in Karate.

Shingo Ohgami was a member of the Japanese Budo Academy.

Other martial arts backgrounds:

* Iaido (6th Dan Mugairyu)
* Jodo (5th Dan Shindo Musoryu)
* Taichi Chuan since 1973

Publications by Shingo Ohgami:

* Introduktion till Karate (Swedish, 1974)
* Karate Katas of Wadoryu (English, 1981)
* Introduction to Karate (English, 1984)
* Karate för Nybörjare (Swedish, 1985)
* Introduktion till Budo (translation from Japanese to Swedish, 1992)
* Taichi för Nybörjare (Swedish, 1993)
* Article series of 'History of Karate' 1995-1997 in 'Svenska Fighter'
* Editor of the quarterly magazine for Swedish Karatedo Wadokai since 1977.

In memoriam by Staffan Holm 


Publications by Shingo Ohgami

Articles by Shingo Ohgami

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