Kodomo means children in Japanese.


Mattias Eklund 3-dan

Staffan Holm 1-dan

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Please note that all classes have moved outdoors to Dalens outdoor gym. Dojopractice will restart after the summer.

Class times as usual:

Play karate from 5 years Saturdays 10.00 - 11.00

Monday group from 7 years 18.00 - 19.15


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Serious play

The world famous architects Ray and Charles Eames said: -Take your pleasures seriously. Thats exactly what children are experts in as they try to make sense of the world through play. 

We work towards strengthening children's self-esteem, concentration, coordination and balance.

In our popular group for younger children we call the Play karate group, we explore the body's ability under playful forms. Of course still with our key words, concentration, friendship and discipline.

For our continuing children, we have the Monday group that prepares the children to move on into the adult group.

Dojo etiqette

You probably heard all about the strict rules in karate and how angry and intimidating instructors are in a karate dojo.

Thats not true...exactly.

It is true that we are very strict with our code of conduct and mutual respect between members. We teach that everyone shall feel safe, involved in this club and participate in taking responsibility for the cleaning and the overall maintenance of this dojo. This means that ewe have a clean and welcoming environment for everybody. Please consider tat our rules apply to everyone in the clubs premises. Even visitors. 

Samurai dojo is a non profit club without payed personel. 

So if you see something broken, dirty or something that needs replacing, then please fix it.

Ar you good at something you think the club needs? Please contact us.

Rituals and meditation is important in karate.

We bow allt  The purpose is not only to show respect towards each other and the dojo, its also a way to stop between segments and make sure your training buddy is paying attention to you before your next technique.

Before and after the training we bow to the front part of the dojo (Shomen) to show respect to all the people that paved the way for us who training today.

Mokuso is our short moment of stillness before and after the session.as a way to get in to focus. Its also a clear start and end of the training session.


Members booklet

We want to strengthen the children's interest in Japanese culture and invite you to learn about Japanese words and expressions.

As a new member you get a nice folder with information and Part 1 of Samurai dojo's little language school where you learn for instance, to write your name in Japanese


Parents and children

We welcome parents who want to exercise together with the children. It's a nice way to explore karate with kids. The children's open mind and joy spreads to everyone and why not take the opportunity to get a sweaty class with increased mobility and agility as bonus.


Welcome to practice with us and our children.

Bring long training pants, t-shirt and a water bottle. We practice barefoot.



Play karate from 5 years Saturdays 10.00 - 11.00

Monday group from 7 years 18.00 - 19.15



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