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Here we have gathered some frequently asked questions:

Do you have other questions? Contact us


What style do you practice at the Samurai dojo?

We train the style of Wadoryu within the organization Swedish Karateo Wadokai (SKW).

Read more about SKW here

Read more about Wadoryu here

Do I have to practice karate before I start?

No absolutely not. Many come to us without having practiced sports one day throughout their lives. Everyone is surprised at how fast one is developing.

I have trained in another karate club / style. Can I keep my seat belt?

We allow in most situations that you keep your kyu degree, but you must grade to the same degree within Wadokai. Dan degrees need to be re-graded from shodan. Contact us and we will find a solution


Do you have personal coaching / training?

No, we are a non-profit club with no employees where we train in group or in-house training.


Do I have to be flexible and in good shape to start?

No, no, no, no, no and no :) But you will be surprised how quickly your strength, balance, weight, concentration and coordination will improve.


How much does training at Samurai dojo cost?

We do offer try/guest training for 100 SEK. But we strongly recommend that you give the training at least a month to see if our club is for you.

For monthly plans see our fees page.

Be sure to fill in your information with social security number before training so that insurance applies to you. You can do this on site or via our application form here on the website.


Can I use my "friskvårdsbidrag" to train with you.

Yes. no problem.


What ages is suitable to train karate?

We have practitioners training with us from five years up to eighty years, but there is no upper limit and karate is a healthy way to keep the body in shape no matter what physique one may have.


What does your children's activities look like?

We currently have two childrens groups within "Kodomo" that are growing steadily.

The play krate group (from five years) Sat 10.00-11.00

Here, our smallest karate fellows are also welcome from about five years. focuses on balance, coordination, mobility and concentration exercises. All under fun inspirational, sweaty forms that even accompanying parents greatly appreciate.


Children's continuation group (from approx. 7 years) Mon 18.00-19.15

More concentration-demanding with technology and preparation for grading etc.


Do I have to train in traditional karate gi?

As a beginner, you can train in long trainings pants and a t-shirt. But we recommend getting a gi as soon as possible.

You can find 


I will be traveling away for three months and want to pause my training months?

You can pause. You can pay a break fee of SEK 50 / month.


I do not want to get beat up during training, do you practice full contact?

No, we do not practice full contact and it is entirely up to you how hard you want to go during the training.


I don't want to compete or grade

We like to encourage competition and grading, but it is really entirely up to you.


What times can you exercise?

We have classes every day of the week. Beginner's classes every day except Fridays where  Mondays and Saturdays are more adapted for children. With the monthly workouts you can train as much as you want.

See our training schedule here


I want to come and watch the workout before I try

We have a strict policy that everyone who is in the dojo must train.

But come on in and give it a try.


I don't want to follow the dojo ettiquette or help  with the cleaning of the dojo floor. Can I join anyway?

No, unfortunately you cannot train with us in that case. But please come back when you change your mind.

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