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Mondays 19.15.

Instructors: Kent Andersson and Renate Lukschandl



What is Taichi Chuan?

Text by Shingo Ohgami

© Swedish Karatedo Wadokai


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Taichi Chuan is originally a martial art from China for developing internal energy. This internal energy is effective in combat as well as an energy for health. Today, a lot of people in the world train Taichi for good health, not only good physical health but more important, good mental health.

The unique thing about Taichi Chuan as a martial art is that movements in Taichi Chuan should be performed as relaxed and slow as possible with the combination of breathing. In this manner, one can gain an effect of meditation by training Taichi Chuan.

Chi (=internal energy) is a Chinese way to express how to use our energy effectively. Only the energy for its purpose (for instance to hit) should be used. In this aspect Taichi is not different from any other martial art.

Taichi Chuan as self-defence


Taichi Chuan comes from martial art. All the movements in Taichi Chuan are based on combat techniques. The principle of Taichi Chuan is to develop the skill in combat. If you train correct and for a long time, Taichi Chuan can be useful for self-defence.

Taichi Chuan for good health

The majority train Taichi for good health. To relax and to breath deep and calm is the basic of good health. Training of Taichi Chuan could be called a meditation in motion.

Taichi Schools

There are various schools in Taichi Chuan, but the following are the most known:

Chen School - including some quick movements, regarded as the original form of Taichi
Yang School - soft style, the most spread one in the world
Wu School - comes from Yang style Taichi Chuan (Wu Chian Chyan, 1870-1942)
Wu School - comes from Yang style Taichi Chuan (Wu Yu Hsing, 1812-1880)
Sun School - a mix of Hsing-I Chuan and Pakua Chuan (Sun Lu Tang, 1861-1932)

24-form - Simplified Taichi Chuan

In 1955 Sports Committee of China made this for beginners. Old forms may be complicated and repeating the sane movements several times. 24-form is the standardised form of Taichi Chuan for all beginners. 24-form was made from Yang style Taichi Chuan.

Look at the book 'Taichi för Nybörjare'.

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